GitLab Notification Emails

GitLab has a notification system in place to notify a user of events that are important for the workflow.

Notification settings

Under user profile page you can find the notification settings.

notification settings

Notification settings are divided into three groups:

  • Global Settings
  • Group Settings
  • Project Settings

Each of these settings have levels of notification:

  • Disabled - turns off notifications
  • Participating - receive notifications from related resources
  • Watch - receive notifications from projects or groups user is a member of
  • Global - notifications as set at the global settings

Global Settings

Global Settings are at the bottom of the hierarchy. Any setting set here will be overridden by a setting at the group or a project level.

Group or Project settings can use global notification setting which will then use anything that is set at Global Settings.

Group Settings

Group Settings are taking precedence over Global Settings but are on a level below Project Settings. This means that you can set a different level of notifications per group while still being able to have a finer level setting per project. Organization like this is suitable for users that belong to different groups but don't have the same need for being notified for every group they are member of.

Project Settings

Project Settings are at the top level and any setting placed at this level will take precedence of any other setting. This is suitable for users that have different needs for notifications per project basis.

Notification events

Below is the table of events users can be notified of:

Event Sent to Settings level
New SSH key added User Security email, always sent.
New email added User Security email, always sent.
New user created User Sent on user creation, except for omniauth (LDAP)
User added to project User Sent when user is added to project
Project access level changed User Sent when user project access level is changed
User added to group User Sent when user is added to group
Group access level changed User Sent when user group access level is changed
Project moved Project members [1] [1] not disabled

Issue / Merge Request events

In all of the below cases, the notification will be sent to:

  • Participants:

    • the author and assignee of the issue/merge request
    • authors of comments on the issue/merge request
    • anyone mentioned by @username in the issue/merge request description
    • anyone mentioned by @username in any of the comments on the issue/merge request

    ...with notification level "Participating" or higher

  • Watchers: project members with notification level "Watch"

  • Subscribers: anyone who manually subscribed to the issue/merge request

Event Sent to
New issue
Close issue
Reassign issue The above, plus the old assignee
Reopen issue
New merge request
Reassign merge request The above, plus the old assignee
Close merge request
Reopen merge request
Merge merge request
New comment The above, plus anyone mentioned by @username in the comment, with notification level "Mention" or higher

You won't receive notifications for Issues, Merge Requests or Milestones created by yourself. You will only receive automatic notifications when somebody else comments or adds changes to the ones that you've created or mentions you.