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LiteLoader is a lightweight mod framework designed primarily for client-side mods. It aims to provide a wide array of features as possible whilst having minimal footprint and very low impact game performance when features are not in use.


  • Simple callback system based on interfaces. Simply implement the interfaces your mod needs
  • Powerful class transformers. If LiteLoader can't meet your needs "out of the box", you have a wide selection of powerful class transformers at your fingertips. It provides access to cutting edge transformers developed for LiteLoader but also used by the wider modding community. This guarantees that LiteLoader's transformers are the most stable and powerful libraries available
  • Tiny footprint. Liteloader injects minimal code into the game, and uses native bytecode injection for maximum performance. LiteLoader makes use of Java libraries shipped with the base game such as Gson rather than bundling a slew of optional libraries
  • Native bytecode event handlers. Liteloader generates raw java bytecode for event callbacks, this makes its event handlers blazing fast

License and Permissions

LiteLoader is Copyright 2012-2017 Adam Mummery-Smith All Rights Reserved You are free to use the source code for personal reference. You may not redistribute modified versions of the loader. You may not redistribute the source code in any form without written permission.

Building the project

LiteLoader uses the Gradle build automation system. You must have Gradle installed on your system. To build the project simply navigate to the project directory in a terminal and execute