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Liteloader Modlist format

Hello, I am seeking to use liteloader and FML together. I plan on using FML's modlist format so that I can store mods maven style, however liteloader does not support this format.

Details on FML's Modlist format:

A simple way to implement this could be to add the argument --liteModList <file location>. That file can follow the same format as the FML modList, however litemods would be listed under liteModRef instead of modRef. Of course this can be implemented in any way you wish, however I just ask that it doesnt conflict with FML. Also, I would need this feature backported into liteloader 1.11.2, as that's the version it would be used on.

I would really appreciate it if you could add this feature. It would be integrated into WesterosCraft's new launcher so many people would find use in it.

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