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1.13 Milestone

Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to have a publicly visible milestone so we could see issues and pull requests being made that are related to 1.13 when development starts. I'm not against having a few "external" issues like "Wait for Forge to update to 1.13" tied to the milestone so we know what's being waited for.

As said in the forum :

1.13 for Forge, LiteLoader and Sponge is going to be a huge undertaking because in order to support Java 9 all of these projects are moving from LegacyLauncher to ModLauncher.

This is such a massive undertaking because I first have to update Mixin, which is going to be a first class citizen under the ModLauncher regime.

If there's work to be done directly in LiteLoader in order to update Mixin, it would be nice to see an issue and milestone related to that. I think it would tone down the requests for 1.13 release date, because then it would be possible to redirect those to the milestone. Having more information always beats having none!

This is the biggest upheaval in the history of minecraft releases, and people who understand that statement in the context of some of the changes which have happened in the past will understand the true scope of these changes.

It's so big Spigot wasn't even released in one day, haha.

I also noticed there were no milestones, open or closed. As written in the description of milestones :

Milestone allows you to group issues and set due date for it

It allows to set due date, but you don't have to. I don't know if that's something that prevented the use of milestones so far, but I just wanted to add my grain of salt.

Have a good day!

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