Issue #73 · created by Jon ·

~60% more loading time with LiteLoader installed & issues with Ding and more

Using the latest 1.12.2 snapshot of LiteLoader [b4], I found that a modpack that usually takes up to 6 minutes to load, will load in 10 minutes. (The modpack also includes Extra Foam For LiteLoader because it won't launch without it, but no other LiteLoader mods).

Additionally, LiteLoader adds loading that confuses other mods like Ding or Surge from telling when loading has finished, as reported here and here.

This LiteLoader extra loading time can be seen in the game log, when without LiteLoader main menu is reached by the line at [17:24:14] (and other mods like Ding & Surge work correctly), and with LiteLoader main menu is reached only by the line at [17:27:44] (extra 3:30 minutes load time this run, but sometimes up to 4 extra minutes, 58-67% more loading time).

Is there anything that can be done?

Thank you!

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