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key.categories.litemods=§eMod Keys

gui.about.modsloaded=%d mod(s) loaded
gui.about.versiontext=Version %s
gui.about.poweredbyversion=v%s§r powered by LiteLoader v%s

gui.about.checkupdates=§nCheck for updates

gui.settings.showtab.label=Show LiteLoader Panel Tab
gui.settings.showtab.help1=If you disable this option, use CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
gui.settings.showtab.help2=to open the LiteLoader panel
gui.settings.notabhide.label=LiteLoader Tab Always Expanded
gui.settings.notabhide.help1=Only applies if the above option is also checked
gui.settings.forceupdate.label=Periodically Check For Updates
gui.settings.forceupdate.help1=This option is §cexperimental§r and may not work properly 
gui.settings.forceupdate.help2=yet, it also enables the "force update" capability. 
gui.settings.checkforsnapshots.label=Check For New Snapshots
gui.settings.checkforsnapshots.help1=If this option is enabled, LiteLoader will check
gui.settings.checkforsnapshots.help2=for new SNAPSHOT releases each time it it launched

gui.about.taboptions=§nLiteLoader Panel Options


gui.disablemod=Disable mod
gui.enablemod=Enable mod


gui.status.pending.enabled=Enabled on next startup 
gui.status.pending.disabled=Disabled on next startup
gui.status.missingdeps=Missing dependencies
gui.status.missingapis=Missing required APIs
gui.status.startuperror=Startup errors detected
gui.description.missingdeps=Missing dependencies: %s
gui.description.missingapis=Missing APIs: %s

gui.mod.usingapi=Uses additional API
gui.mod.startuperror=%d startup error(s)

gui.mod.help.tweak=A tweaker is a special type of mod. Tweakers have almost unlimited control of the game and are usually mods which alter the game engine fundamentally, for example APIs or performance-enhancement mods like Optifine. Because they have the greatest amount of control, they are also the most likely to cause instability when not compatible with each other, if you are experiencing crashes or serious problems, you should always try disabling tweak mods first.
gui.mod.help.transformer=A transformer mod uses bytecode injection to hook extra functionality within the game which LiteLoader does not normally provide. Because transformers access functionality outside of LiteLoader's core, it is possible for them to have unforseen side-effects when combined with other mods. If you are experiencing crashes or other unexpected behaviour, you should disable transformer mods before regular mods to determine whether they are the source of the issue. Forge refers to this type of mod as a §lCoreMod  
gui.mod.help.events=An injector mod uses a restricted form of bytecode injection which makes it somewhat safer than a full transformer mod, but can still cause instability under some circumstances. If you are experiencing crashes or other issues, then you should disable injector mods before regular mods to determine whether they are the source of the issue.
gui.mod.help.mixins=A mod with mixins uses a safe form of bytecode injection to hook into Minecraft

gui.settings.title=%s Settings
gui.saveandclose=Save & Close

gui.updates.title=Check for updates for %s
gui.updates.status.idle=§7No update check in progress
gui.updates.status.checking=Contacting update site... %s

gui.updates.available.title=§nAvailable Update Info
gui.updates.available.nonewversion=§7No newer version available
gui.updates.available.newversion=§aNew version available
gui.updates.available.version=Version: §a%s
gui.updates.available.date=Release date: §a%s

gui.updates.forced=Update forced, restart the game to apply update

gui.checknow=Check now
gui.installupdate=Install now
gui.downloadupdate=Download now
gui.forceupdate=Force update
gui.exitgame=Exit Game

gui.log.button=LiteLoader Log
gui.log.title=LiteLoader Log Viewer
gui.log.scalecheckbox=Use native resolution
gui.log.postlog=Upload Log
gui.log.uploading=Uploading log please wait...
gui.log.uploadfailed=Upload failed
gui.log.uploadsuccess=Upload succeeded, log available at

gui.error.title=Startup errors for %s

gui.error.tooltip=%d mod startup error(s) detected (%d critical)

gui.notifications.updateavailable=LiteLoader Update Available!
gui.notifications.newsnapshotavailable=!!New Snapshot Available:%nBuild #%s (%s)